Today in the city Orinda 19.04.2018
Orient News reports arrival of Assad-IDPs from Ghouta in Idlib

Orient News Mohammad al-Faisel was at the location where the Internally Displaced Persons reached in Idlib's Maaret al-Nuaman from eastern Ghouta. {{embed|t=CxSi0_1522166396}}

Artists Work on Shaping Sun-Inspired Glass Ornament

These glass artists decided to demonstrate the hard work and precision that goes into creating glass ornaments at their studio in Tacoma, Washington.The team worked together to create a ‘fad...

He Has A Lightning Fighter Jet In His GARDEN!? | Forces TV

Meet the man with an Electric Lightning in his front yard. Not your average lawn ornament... The Lightning Association was formed in 1988, the year after the aircraft's retirement from RAF service. {{...

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